Pipe Installation Instructions 3/4"(22mm) & 1"(28mm)

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Sound engineering practice for the optimization of an air pipe system

■ When installing a Transair® system, work should be performed in accordance with good engineering practice.
■ Bends and bypasses represent sources of pressure drop.
■ Keep in-line pipe diameter reductions to a minimum.
■ The diameter of the pipe will influence pressure drop and the operation of point-of-use equipment.
■ Select the diameter according to the required flow rate and acceptable pressure drop at the point of use.
■ Never encase the network in a hard solid mass, in order to facilitate maintenance or servicing.
■ To insulate Transair® industrial water systems thermally, we recommend insulating the Transair® stainless steel pipes.
■ Position drops and feeds to take-off points as close as possible to the point of use.
Transair Stainless Steel Union Instructions Click For Larger View 3/4"(22mm) 316L Stainless Steel Drop Connector Instructions
Union RF06 N7 02, Elbow RF02 N7 02, NPT Adapter RF05 N7N06,

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pipe cutter tool Pipe Cutter for Aluminum Pipe
ref. 6698 03 01
chamfer tool Chamfer Tool for Aluminum Pipe
ref. 6698 04 01
deburring tool Deburring Tool for Aluminum Pipe
ref. 6698 04 02
dismounting tool Dismounting Tool
ref. EW11 00 01
marking pen Marker Pen

1. Cutting the pipe:
■ place the pipe in the pipe cutter
■ position the blade onto the pipe
■ rotate the pipe cutter around the pipe while gently tightening the wheel.
2. Carefully chamfer the outer edges.
3. Deburr the inner end of the pipe.
4. Mark the connection indicator.

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