Quick Assembly Drop Bracket Installation Instructions

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Sound engineering practice for the optimization of an air pipe system

■ When installing a Transair® system, work should be performed in accordance with good engineering practice.
■ Bends and bypasses represent sources of pressure drop.
■ Keep in-line pipe diameter reductions to a minimum.
■ The diameter of the pipe will influence pressure drop and the operation of point-of-use equipment.
■ Select the diameter according to the required flow rate and acceptable pressure drop at the point of use.
■ Never encase the network in a hard solid mass, in order to facilitate maintenance or servicing.
■ To insulate Transair® industrial water systems thermally, we recommend insulating the Transair® stainless steel pipes.
■ Position drops and feeds to take-off points as close as possible to the point of use.
1 1/2"(42mm) to 4"(101mm) Quick Assembly Drop Bracket Installation Instructions

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Transair Drilling Tool Drilling Tool For Transair® Stainless Steel Pipe
ref. EW09 00 22, EW09 00 30
Deburring Tool for Aluminum Pipe Deburring Tool for Aluminum Pipe
ref. 6698 04 02
Drill Drill

1. Drill the Transair® stainless steel pipe at the desired position using following drilling tools:
■ Ø42 - Ø60: drilling tool EW09 00 22
■ Ø76 - Ø101: drilling tool EW09 00 30
2. Carefully deburr the pipe.
3. Position the bracket and tighten the 2 screws.

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